The 72 Course

Making sense of the basics of our faith and experiencing the gift of the Holy Spirit’s love are just the beginning. We read in the Gospel that the Lord appointed seventy-two disciples to be with Him, to grow in their relationship with Him and to be trained to reach out to others (Luke 10:1-2). This discipleship formation course will in fact equip you to live your faith within the challenges of today’s society and inspire you to be an authentic Christian witness.

The course runs twice a month on Tuesdays. In the first meeting of the month we will all meet together for a series of talks based on the format of SEVEN which will answer many of your questions relating to topics which are very much part of our everyday lives: Living with my Emotions, Winning over Temptation and the Devil’s Tactics, a one day retreat on Mission and Evangelisation, Eternity and more.

The second meeting will be in your separate Cenacolo Small Group where you will be following ‘The Scripture Course’ to help you go deeper into your interior life and to establish meaningful friendships in the community.

The first session will be held at Gattard on Tuesday 11th December at 7:30pm. The course ends in September 2019. The course is intended for anyone who has completed the SEVEN course.

72 Course Application

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